Have You Been Gay? Who Cares!

I am aware it has been a little while since I have created and I am a bit anxious about composing something which I am sure is dubious but this has been in my brain for a time so here it goes. There has been a lot of talk recently about simply being Gay – gay relationship, gay in the armed forces, American Idol gay, is he gay?, is she is a lesbian?. Can an individual remember to inform me what each of the buzz is. Getting gay is absolutely nothing new. Gay folks have been worldwide for some time as well as other than the usual choice these are no various you then and me! And since when do we treatment a lot as to what a person does right behind shut down entry doors. Is what the United States does now? We manage not only what goes on in the community venue the good news is we have to understand what continues in personal at the same time?

Have a look at Adam Lambert on previous season’s United States Idol. I assumed he was extremely talented – wonderful sound, wonderful seek out display business. However when it was throughout, what was every person considering… is he gay? Who cares that he or she is gay!! Does that make him any much less accomplished? Ought to us currently not buy his record? Even though our company is at it, allows not buy Elton John’s albums possibly, or George Michael, or Melissa Etheridge. And since we are speaking about who seems to be gay on American Idol, possibly we should commence discussing who may be gay on Which Means You Believe You Are Able to Boogie. Or possibly is it Alright for any dancer to become gay but not a singer? Accomplishes this complete factor sound outrageous however?

Have you thought about gays in the military services. President Obama gave his Status of the Union tackle yesterday and as he discussed how gay quiz must be allowed freely in the military services and all sorts of the military heads checked like they were just given a passing away sentence! Definitely? So can be you saying that gays can’t be patriotic? They don’t have a similar duty on their land? They can’t combat also? They are certainly not as smart or qualified? In the event you enable a single gay individual in the armed forces are they going to then convert all of the other troopers being gay too? We have seen a lot of instances of sexual assault and torment inside the armed forces and directly troops. Is that form of process much better than getting gay?